All booths are 10'x10' and include Royal Blue pipe and drape (With exception to the back wall that is 8x10) with 8 foot back and 3 foot sides with open front. The sides are optional... Custom exhibits not requiring our pipe and drape is acceptable. Premium corner booths are welcome to exhibit from 2 sides. 8'x 2.5 tables are available for $30 each and includes table linen. Chairs, electric and wireless Internet are all free. Each booth will have a fixed number attached to it at eye level prior to load in on set up day.

A 25% deposit will be due within 14 days of your email confirmation of your booking to hold your reservation.

Your full payment will be due December 13th, 2017.

See our refund policy if you cancel.

​Need to contact us: 866 611 0442 OR Info@PatriotShows.com

Discounts for multiple booths!


Corner 10x10




Booth 10x10



Corner 10x20




Booth 10x20


$75 Discount


$75 Discount


$75 Discount


Corner 10x30




Booth 10x30


$125.00 Discount


$100.00 Discount


$100.00 Discount

20x20 Booth Pricing:

​A 20x20 involving all standard booths is $1,430.00

A 20x20 involving two premium booths

(Blue on floor plan) is $1,530.00

A 20x20 involving two premium corner booths

(Gold on floor plan) is $1,630.00

10x40 Booth Pricing:​

A 10x40 involving all standard booths is $1,430.00​

A 10x40 involving one premium booth

(Blue on floor plan) is $1,500.00

A 10x40 involving one Premium Corner booth

(Gold on floor plan) is $1,575.00

CLICK HERE to view the

Indoor Home Show

January 13-14, 2018 floor plan!

Floor Plan in .pdf Format

Exhibitor Booth Info & Fee Structure​​

 Your company will meet thousands of homeowners who pay to attend and are serious about making a purchase to satisfy their remodeling, decorating, furnishing, real estate or landscaping needs.

DRIVE YOUR SALES AT THIS SHOW! Nothing drives sales better than face to face contact.

  Let Patriot Productions put our aggressive multi-media advertising campaign to work for YOU located in one of the wealthiest counties in the United States!

Our advertising & marketing include newspaper, magazine, television & radio. We’re plugged in to paid social media advertising, including Facebook & Twitter. The Vero Beach Home Shows generate massive buzz that can bring many new customers to your business.

  This major 2-day event, held inside the climate controlled expo building at the Indian River County Fairgrounds with easy load in and load out, will provide your business with one of the most affordable and most importantly effective advertising mediums available today.

  Our aggressive marketing campaign combining radio, television, newspapers, billboards, direct mail, social media, email marketing and special promotions is designed to saturate Vero Beach & the Treasure Coast giving you the opportunity to reach your desired target market, and putting you in direct contact with thousands of qualified customers.

Who are our attendees?

  • ​93% are home owners
  • ​92% are age 28 to 65
  • ​65% have a household income greater than $100K
  • ​50% purchase at the show
  • ​48% purchase after the show


Welcome Exhibitors

Be Where YOUR Market Will Be January 13-14, 2018 at the

 Winter Vero Beach Home & Remodel Show!

 Space larger than 20x20 or larger than 10x40 please contact us: 866 611 0442 OR vendors@patriotshows.com for custom pricing

Exhibitors, book your booth at the  Vero Beach Home & Remodel Show every January! The Florida

Home & Garden Show on the east coast, the Treasure Coast Home Show

Note: Premium Booth numbers 14, 15 ,16 & 18 are 10x8 sized booths due to floor dimension restrictions. These premium booth prices are reduced to  $415.00 reflecting the 2 foot difference.

Standard Booth number 17 is also a 10x8 and is reduced to $375.00

If the submit button is not working one of two things have happened. You did not fill out all required fields noted by the little red star next to it. OR your computer has auto-filled some of the fields and the form does not recognize something is there. In this case simply put your cursor at the end of the text in question and tap the space bar. This should resolve the issue. If not please call 866 611 0442 or email info@patriotshows.com

Home & Remodel Show Exhibitor Registration Application

Tel: 866-611-0442


JANUARY 13-14, 2018

Arts & Craft Exhibitors!


to book your 10x10 tent spot.